Below is a list of the Australian BioCommons infrastructure partners and some of their available compute systems. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and will be added over time (last update February 2024)

High Performance Computing

How can I get an allocation?

Allocation of computational resources to individual researchers on partner HPC and cloud infrastructures is through the usual channels offered via each partner (see instructions for each by following these links: NCI, Pawsey, QCIF, ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud). The BioCommons BioCloud activity is working with these partners to examine ways to make it easier for life science researchers to receive HPC and HTC allocations, including through the Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (ABLeS).

Note that access to computational resources via the Galaxy Australia hosted web platform is unlimited for Australian researchers thanks to our computational partners (ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud, University of Queensland, QCIF, University of Melbourne and Pawsey) who underpin the Galaxy Australia service.