When human genome related research is published in the literature, associated data / metadata is expected to be submitted to the global European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA). This is currently a laborious and time consuming process. 

Through our Human Genomes Platform Project, we are aiming to expedite this process for any data housed in the participating repositories.

This subproject will:

  • Understand the needs of stakeholders when submitting to international repositories and the challenges they have faced
  • Understand the capabilities of stakeholders’ repositories and find a middle ground between these and the requirements of submitting to international repositories
  • Develop a toolbox of software and documentation to facilitate deposition of data into international repositories from Australian repositories
  • Explore the feasibility of setting up a LocalEGA node/s in Australia as per the concept diagram below

In the Federated EGA model, a submitter deposits sensitive data and metadata, along with publicly searchable metadata into a LocalEGA node based in Australia. All encrypted data files and sensitive metadata are stored within Australia. 

The LocalEGA node transmits publicly searchable metadata to the CentralEGA. This enables researchers to find datasets of interest and request access through the CentralEGA. When access to the dataset is granted by the Data Access Committee, the researcher is given access to the encrypted files which remain in Australia.